Thursday, November 7, 2013

All In All Azhagu Raja Mini-view

Karthi couldve been amazingly funny but was too cute anyway. He looked best in his Prabhu getup, that personally I thought was spot on. The Prabhu and Saranya combo was a yippee moment badly downplayed and not exploited enough. The minimum timeframe but maximum enjoyed Radhika Apte was adorably 80s. Kajal's acting was as annoying as her character. Santhanam needs a creative holiday. Too loud and repetitive. Kota Srinivasa Rao.. :O. #EKSI. Thaman should kiss the advisor for his innovative facet and Rajesh needs to fire his stale one. All in all, #AllinAllAzhaguRaja was all mediocre, with little azhagu.
P.S. Kajal, please fire your stylist or else hire your sisters. Glamour is fine but you look awkward with ill-fit clothing and bad bad BAD make-up!