Friday, October 30, 2015

Ennai Maatrum Kadhale.. Ennai Maattrum Paadale

Athennamo, sometimes a song just creeps up on you. You feel a connection that is stronger than others. It might be the music, it might be the lyrics or it might be the singer. But it starts with that initial spark of interest. Then by the time you have listened to the song a few times, you start to feel an unusual bond stirring. Before you realise that you are crying over a song, the tears have fallen and your heart is heavy with a musical magic rarely experienced. 

Yennai Mattrum Kadhale is not extraordinary. Its a nice tune that has a nice mix, percussions are well implemented and Sid Sriram is very fresh voice. Something a little new to mainstream Tamil cinema music. Its a good song. But this combination under that helm on Anirudh has blown me out of the water. Like I am in the best mood or the worst, I search for this song to get on track. I think about events happening and this song gets me crying and then I'm fine. Which is a surprise. I mean I generally have Anirudh's albums on my playlist so I wasnt expecting to hate the songs but I certainly didnt think I would cry over a song. Not like I did for Chinmayi and Oru Dheivam Thantha Poove

So here is the song. With Thanglish lyrics.

P.S. I am loving this movie and jodi. Someone make another, quick!!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ender's Game Mini-View

I am not a gamer. I have dabbled in Super Mario, fiddled with Candy Crush and hooked on Tetris Blitz but by no means, am I a bonefied gamer. Neither do I do Sci- Fi that much.But this film is something even I, a total newbie to both enjoyed. So here is the mini-view.
Asa Butterfield as Andrew Ender Wiggin was unrecognisable from his last film Hugo. A complete tranformation but the best aspect was he was still a child, albiet a smarter one. In fact the whole cast of children made their individual impacts pretty well since I remember them but it is "Ender's Game". Harrison Ford is back with the same grumpy face that he is face for. Ben Kingsley switches from inspirational to hot head at various points but fumbles with the Maori accent. However, at the end of the day, they did what they needed to do. The amazing component wasn't the VFX, or the acting or the background score. For me, it was a message that was instilled into a story in 1984 that as a movie in 2013, is still relevant. Interpretation is a to each his own concept but it is there and it still has relative value today when technology has advanced beyond imaginations of that era.
Rating: 8/10

Thursday, November 7, 2013

All In All Azhagu Raja Mini-view

Karthi couldve been amazingly funny but was too cute anyway. He looked best in his Prabhu getup, that personally I thought was spot on. The Prabhu and Saranya combo was a yippee moment badly downplayed and not exploited enough. The minimum timeframe but maximum enjoyed Radhika Apte was adorably 80s. Kajal's acting was as annoying as her character. Santhanam needs a creative holiday. Too loud and repetitive. Kota Srinivasa Rao.. :O. #EKSI. Thaman should kiss the advisor for his innovative facet and Rajesh needs to fire his stale one. All in all, #AllinAllAzhaguRaja was all mediocre, with little azhagu.
P.S. Kajal, please fire your stylist or else hire your sisters. Glamour is fine but you look awkward with ill-fit clothing and bad bad BAD make-up!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Raat Ka Hatheli - The Lyrics and The Meaning

Out of all the songs that can randomly resurfaces into my life, this one is making a big time come back. And under interesting circumstances. Either way, knowing one or two lines in full didnt help when the song was in my head. So here it is, with the meanings to boot. Raat Ka Hatheli Par from Refugee.
Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai...

On the palm of the night, the moon glitters.

Uski narm kirnon mein tumko dekhta huun to

In its soft rays, I look at you, and

Dil dharak-sa jaata hai...

my heart starts to pound.

Raat ki hatheli par chaand jagmagaata hai...

On the palm of the night, the moon glitters.

Tum kahaan se aayi ho kis nagar ko jaao'gi...

Where have you come from; what city are you going to?,

Sochta huun main hairaan

I wonder, astounded.

Chaand jaisa yeh chehara

that this face is like the moon;

Raat jaisi ye zulfein

these locks of hair, like the night.

Hain jagaaye sau armaan

A hundred desires have awakened within me!

Ik nasha sa aankhon mein dhire dhire chhaata hai

(The sight of your face is like) a narcotic that gradually clouds my eyesight.


Meri is tanhaayi mein mere is viraane mein...

Into my loneliness, into this place of desolation,

Rang leke tum aayi

you came, bringing such color!

Phir bhi sochta huun main

Even so, I wonder,

Kya yahaan tum sach-much ho

are you really here,

Ya ho sirf parchhaayi

or are you only an illusion,

Khwaab jaise banta hai aur Tuut jaata hai

like a dream that is formed only to be destroyed?




Tuesday, June 18, 2013


This song was literally "stumble-into-love" moment for me. I had a friend over and we were looking up some random stuff on Youtube and the typo she typed changed my life forever. I know that sounds dramatic but the significance is now that big. You see this song went from my happy place song to  my husband- then-boyfriend's happy place song to our first dance song. So basically this song is the theme song for my love-marriage life. :D 

So without further ado, here are the lyrics I found of a song my Mumbai-born Bengali background hubby has memorised himself. Without looking it up. ;)

Adento Okkasari Oopiri Aagipoyinattu
Hataathugaane Manasu Kuppigantulesinattu
Kumaari Soyagalu Daachalevu Kallu Moosi...
Sumaaru Taaralanni Nela Raali Ninnu Chusi
Prashnaltho Champe Raakasi
Guppetlo Daacha Nachesi
Neelaa Yevaru Lene Leru
Premo.. Idi Emo... Hammo.. Endammo....

Andam Chandam Telugu Butta Bomma
Danyam Kaada Paatikella Janma
Kalle Kalipaavu
Kale Kalaa Mundu Choodaledu
Ido Vidam Kotta Pichi
Leddule.. Santhosham.....
Paala Raatipaina Paadam
Kandipoyanento Paapam
Oorukodu Unna Praanam
Isuka Renuvaina Neeku Kaalikinda Guchukunte
Neelaa Yevaru Lene Leru
Premo.. Idi Emo... Hammo.. Endammo..

Velakaani Vela Gola
Premaloni Goppa Leela
O Vela... Gopaala....
Challa Gaali Chempa Meeda
Cheyye Chesukundi Neekai Chudantu Neevaipe
Letha Golla Kanne Pilla
Lothukallu Champela Kaatukaina Leni Vela
Nee Dishti Teesi Lakshananga Ishta Padulu Paadukunta
Neelaa Yevaru Lene Leru
Premo.. Idi Emo... Hammo.. Endammo....
Neelaa Yevaru Lene Leru
Premo.. Idi Emo... Hammo.. Endammo...

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sadda Dil Prabhu Deva

Seriously bossu, ee song keka.. Makes me cry when they bow in respect to mana Prabhu darling. Pedda fan cheppadam waste.. nenu aiyinaki bhaktudni.. ^_^

I have been dying to watch this film since its conception. Mana Prabhu darling. Prabhu Deva (ee madhya spelling marchkunnaranta but Premikudu daysnunchi ilage raasthunna)! And that to as hero! *sigh* Wish they had coached him more with his Hindi though. I mean,pronounciation anni baane undi but 4 lines have a 15sec break in between. While it sounds small to write, its very audible on screen the gap. Aina ok, mana darling kosam velthunnam kani I wasnt ready for the visuals. :O Baboi! Remo, nuvvu keka! Hard Kaur (singer/rapper), nuvvu supero superu

Note: Ee video naadi kadhu no copyright infringement, wokay!