Friday, October 30, 2015

Ennai Maatrum Kadhale.. Ennai Maattrum Paadale

Athennamo, sometimes a song just creeps up on you. You feel a connection that is stronger than others. It might be the music, it might be the lyrics or it might be the singer. But it starts with that initial spark of interest. Then by the time you have listened to the song a few times, you start to feel an unusual bond stirring. Before you realise that you are crying over a song, the tears have fallen and your heart is heavy with a musical magic rarely experienced. 

Yennai Mattrum Kadhale is not extraordinary. Its a nice tune that has a nice mix, percussions are well implemented and Sid Sriram is very fresh voice. Something a little new to mainstream Tamil cinema music. Its a good song. But this combination under that helm on Anirudh has blown me out of the water. Like I am in the best mood or the worst, I search for this song to get on track. I think about events happening and this song gets me crying and then I'm fine. Which is a surprise. I mean I generally have Anirudh's albums on my playlist so I wasnt expecting to hate the songs but I certainly didnt think I would cry over a song. Not like I did for Chinmayi and Oru Dheivam Thantha Poove

So here is the song. With Thanglish lyrics.

P.S. I am loving this movie and jodi. Someone make another, quick!!