Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ga Ga about Yodha

For all the hungama I've made about Anaganaga O Dheerudu, I'm sure some people think I'm a crazy fan of Siddharth's. But contrary to popular belief, I am sooo not. Well maybe a little ;). But seriously, I don’t know his life history, I don’t know his address, I don’t know his parents' names. Kukka undo kooda theliyudu boss!! However, that doesn't mean he doesn't get the epic fan girl smile. Yes it exists and anyone that is with me when I'm watching movies knows that I have this ridiculous smile that frustrates me no end that comes up when seeing actors I like work their magic.

So here's me writing a little (!!!) piece about the Sidmeister... Nachithe comment cheyava?
Let’s start with me, at the tender age of...well, maybe not tender but I was 19. Very much a yuppie, sitting next to my mum waiting for A.R.Rahman's music to blast on screen since I didn't know a single person from Boys. Shankar is cool but I was there for ARR! So there I sat and when that twin tower line came up, all I could think of was... "This guy should be on a Colgate ad!"... After Maddy, Sid was the only 2000 watt smile I thought apt for the ad. And that’s a compliment really! But even with a crucial character and the only one that gets a girlfriend/wife, Boy did that film make me cringe! The thought may have been noble but damn, it’s called tact, Mr Shankar. You of all people should know that.
Then came Aiyutha Ezhuthu. Here too Sid was pretty good but kind of felt he was overshadowed by Surya and Madhavan. It was about this time mum dropped the bomb on his age (not much, just 25 when I thought he was like 19!!) but it was at that point too, I understood the phrase "Age is nothing but a number”:D Arjun and Meera had my favourite songs to their story and I kept thinking if Sid and Trisha would get together in real life but that’s my fantasy brain coming into the fore.
However there is one thing I must mention. I thought he was cute compared to the others around in TFI but that was about it, even if he was pretty good at acting too. My logic was eye candy was basic necessity seriously lacking at that time for me so it didn't matter much. But yes the first movie I loved to smittens was Nuvvasthanante Nenuvoddantana. Although not because of him... I actually took time to fall in love with the antics of Santhoooosshhh! I did find him adorable but call me crazy; all I could see when he was on screen was Prabhu Deva. Trademarks are hard to disguise or disregard, Siddhu darling. And you hadn't gotten one yet. Or maybe it was that toothy smile on the cover of NVNV DVDs? Meh. Either way, LOVE LOVE LOVE and also eternally grateful to Dil Raju for booking Siddhu to do the film since out of all those films that got me into Telugu, this film played a big part.
Next we have Rang De Basanti. My friend Neha and I have this tradition where we make a day of going to the movies to watch a Hindi film at Fox Studios. We were so crazy we would imagine what it would be like to study at AFTRS [a film school in Sydney] and dream of directing one day. But on one such dream fest, she told me about RDB and showed the poster which had a kind of raavananish design too. Aamir Khan was in it and ARR was music... Meh. Big difference I know but Aamir was ok and ARR had reign on the music, not the film. And then, the other shoe dropped and I realised who was on the right side of Aamir. I squealed so loud, the waiter walked out asking if I was ok. Siddhu Mania began again!

So finally, I acknowledged the awesome actor side of Sid and was re-watching his films like crazy when... BOOM! Bommarillu hit me like a ton of bricks. Ok, I'll admit Chukkalo Chandrudu was a nice film, there were some things that didn't sit right with me and no offence to Sada fans, her casting and role was one of them. I did however; feel Siddhu was repeating himself a bit. But with Bommarillu, any apprehension just fell apart. Have to hand it him though for standing up to powerhouse performer Prakashraj. Seriously, I don’t think anyone could have pulled off the father-son combo better than them. Jayam Ravi tried, but this one is Sid's all the way. And with every viewing, and there were many, the love would grow. I thank god for my cousin's friend who lent me a copy of the film and her patience while I hogged it even after Aata released. Considering there was a drought in Sid-filmville after Aata and all I had was Blood Brothers, I thought I was doing ok.
Now, Koncham Ishtam Koncham Kashtam isn't amazingly different. But when you have Tamannaah, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Prakashraj and Ramya Krishnan involved, dilkhush chesinav, bhaiyya. Not to mention Brahmam darling with his Gachibowli Diwakar act. Hysterics on call for that one. I do have my concerns with the Korean Pop star hairstyle though but this is Sid, so I guess I should trust him. (P.S. This film was pre-glam doll/stylist change era of Tamannaah so she just looks cute and of course, with Sid's antics giving the extra boost of cuteness). I'm going to skip past the forgettable Baava but the village bum/naattu kattai look gets 2 thumbs up from me.
Then Oy! and Striker happened. My life wasn't the same and I'm pretty this is when the fan girl entered into my life. I ranted and raved like  ... well, a raved lunatic. Yuvan. My Yuvan... Saviour of so many films and all-round legend, collaborated with singer Siddharth. For both films! It was like apple pie and choc-chip ice cream with caramel hot sauce for diabetes patient. Sooooo good, it kills. I mean, I've heard him before and I know his singing voice can be heaps fun but Yuvan has always got a different swing to the dime-a-dozen out there. The brain side of me worked while watching both films for the 3rd time and I applauded both films for their attempt. While Oy! was kind of the Sid formula I'd seen before, it changed towards the end. Striker was something I was not prepared for though. I hate seeing my on-screen heroes cry because I will become a crying ball of mess with them. No doubt. So naturally, I require at least a dozen boxes of Kleenex. Through in the critical thinking side of me that sees the energy and performance given, and I may as well be the brand ambassador. Yet, after all of that, I wouldn’t say I turned a blind eye if he did something below average since Baava clearly coudnt be saved.
So what have I gained from plastering all of this on my wall? Well, basic point blank I enjoy his films. He’s the only Siddharth that comes to mind after my dad (work mates call him Sid instead of Sinnappu, that's another post). Anthakanna ekkuga cheppelem, bossu.